I'm leaving. The main reason why is because I'm not needed here and not to mention the comment deletion rules. What happened to freedom of speech. I can't see how I can make a comment that says," Katara is a heartless girl" and it can gets deleted while crazy shippers on this site make comments about some ships that really are way of the charts. I can't even write a simple news blog on this site. No matter how good the blog is, it is always short of 888's blogs. It doesn't make since to make a good perfect blog that can probably get placed in the news category, but is ignored because higher ranking user make one. Fanon was the only thing that kept me on this wiki ,but even my Fanon stories are not needed because it has no readers. The only thing I've done on this site since I got here was sit and watch. While Admins and Rollbacks get all of the glory. That's basically what members of this wikia do that have no rank. I might be seen on this wikia, but I won't be to active. See you guys around.

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