Which Avatar character are you? Take the following quiz and email me your answers. You will get one of the following results: Aang, Katara, Sokka, Zuko, or Azula. I will respond in the comments section, so please tell me "I'm in" or inform me that you are playing before submitting. 

1. The Fire Nation is attacking, what do you aim to do?
A. Kill them-they've hurt too many people.
B. Kill them if necessary-they're trying to kill us.
C. Attack with them.
D. Capture my target.
E. Try to defeat them with as little deaths as possible.

2. What element is best?
A. Fire
B. Water
C. Earth
D. Air
E. Swordbending all the way!

3. What do you think is the most important?
A. Family
B. Honor
C. Power
D. Duty 

4. How would you describe yourself?
A. Inventive and Capable
B. Motherly and Loving
C. Cunning and Calculating
D. Carefree and Fun
E. Honor-driven and Hard-Working

5. Which Avatar do you look up to?
A. Kuruk
B. Kyoshi
C. Yangchen
D. Roku
E. Korra [1]
F. None

6. Which of these spirits mean most to you?
A. Tui, La, or Yue
B. Ran and Shaw
C. Koh
D. Avatar
E. None

7. If you were the Avatar, how would you end The War?
A. In the Fire Nation's favor
B. I would do whatever I need to
C. Take out the Fire Lord without killing him
D. Make the Fire Nation pay

8. How would you react if you failed?
A. I cannot fail. Everything must go my way.
B. Feel distraught
C. Want Revenge
D. Correct my wrongs
E. Try to make a difference

9. What do you think of Fortunetelling?
A. Amazing
B. I hope it's true!
C. It's a fake.

10. Which of the following would you train under?
A. Iroh
B. Piandao
C. Pakku
D. Bumi
E. Jeong Jeong

11. Would you say you know how to have fun?
A. Yes.
B. No.

12. Who would you rather have as a father figure?.
A. Ozai
B. Iroh
C. Gyatso
D. Hakoda

13. If you are planning an invasion, what kind of group do you expect to have?
A. A small, elite team
B. A group of my friends behind me

14. Which of these would you like to have?
A. A Sky Bison
B. A Flying Lemur
C. A Dragon
D. None of the Above

15. Would you try and scam people?
A. Yes
B. No

16. Which of these places do you like most:
A. Mountains
B. Beaches
C. Fields
D. Conquered Territory

17. What do you fear most?
A. Fire Lord Ozai
B. Failure
C. Loss
D. Dishonor

18. Do you like things to be perfectly organized? A. Yes
B. No

19. What ship do you dislike most?
A. Zutara
B. Azulaang
C. Ty Luko

20. Who do you want to be most?
A. Sokka
B. Katara
C. Aang
D. Azula
E. Zuko

  1. From what you know of her.

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