So, as many of you know, I'm a The Tuke shipper, but the ending for Toph's love interest was really left open and I want to know who she ended up with, however I will not count Zuko or Sokka or Aang, since they are already canonly with other people. Let's examine the evidence first.

The Duke

Alright so, despite the age difference which won't matter when they are older, The Duke and Toph are two possible love interests for each other, they have the most evidence with each other which clocks in
with a landslide of two hints. First off, Toph and The Duke were very close to each other on The Day of Black Sun, when Toph had to throw up, The Duke gave her his prized hat to throw up in. Secondly, when the war is won and Zuko is crowned Fire Lord the two share a one sided hug, this suggest the relationship may only be one-sided. However, this is a shipping with a relatively small ship, dwarfed by Tokka and Tuko and Taang shippers.


This one is a bit more complicated, as there hasn't been many hints and Toph only ever even refers to him once when talking about his relationship with Katara. haru and Toph have met during the stay at the Western Air Temple, albeit, off screen. The two could come together for their mutual love of Earthbending, that is if the yaoi shippers don't complain. The age difference is also the same as The Duke's age difference to Toph.


This one is even more complicated, the two never even referred to each other by name, so they don't know each other aside from an off screen meeting in the Western Air Temple. However, they are both disabled and very determined and confident and would probably get along very well and the age difference is minimal.

What do you guys think?

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