Okay, I have a question about Ursa that has been annoying me for a week.


Okay, wait. Roku must have had the child when he was 30 or so right? Then that means the child was 40 when he died, almost nearing menopause (if the child was a girl OR if the child married someone around the same age), right? Well, then Ursa must be 100. How is she his granddaughter? There is only a few possible explanations:
  1. She's older than she looks. (in reality, Lo and Li are her school mates.)
  2. Her dad took a young, very young wife at an old, very old age.
  3. Her parents were extremely old when they had her.
  4. Ta Min was very old when she gave birth to the child.

I'm just not seeing how this is possible. :/ Let's say she's 40, 100-40= 60 AG. Roku died in 12 BG. 60+12= 72 years old. Her parent had to have been 72 during Ursa's birth and that's if Ta Min had them after Roku's death. We saw no child with the couple when they were escaping the island, so if they're older, well.....let's say around 16 so they can be traveling on their own. They would be 88 when Ursa was born. Okay, let's go back to a reasonable age here, during Ta Min's child bearing years.

35-ish. That's 35 years before Roku's death and that would mean the child was 107 during Ursa's birth.

When asked to comment, Ozai had this to say,"."

Let's go to the child's child bearing years (if it was a girl) and let's see, Ursa is 112. Looks like Aang and Bumi have a friend from more flamin times. I wonder what her secret is? What other secrets does she hold? Is she really a man named Kuzon?

Oh, I guess Ursa's dad was just really old like Sozin, but it's still kind of weird since, let's be reasonable, the child would be like 107 with a bride that's 30-ish. She probably had to change more than one diaper. So, there really is a giant hole in Ursa's age. Either she's 100, her mom had her when she was 100, or she had a dad that had a very young wife (at least compared to him). Maybe Aang wasn't the only one stuck in an iceberg. Well, I hope has the answer.

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