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As many of you know, in July a complete set of all of the Avatar: The Last Airbender comics will be released, including unreleased comics. We have found a trailer that has some of these unreleased comics from way back in 2009.

What Is Seen

The trailer begins with Zuko and Sokka in the Western Air Temple. Sokka asks Zuko if he recalls the old trailers Bryke used to do at comic con and asks if they should make a trailer of the new comics coming out. Zuko responds by asking why they should make a trailer, stating comics don't even have motion. Sokka looks at him with tears in his eyes. Zuko decides to play the trailer....

  • The first scenes are of Sokka in weird clothes in front of a multi-colored tent set up in the Western Air Temple. Aang eagerly runs toward the mysterious tent, but Sokka stops him and only Momo is allowed in. Katara, who is scowling, leads a dejected Aang away, angrily glancing at the tent. Later in the night,l the Team is watching the tent, which still houses Sokka.
  • Next, two scenes of Aang and Zuko practicing Firebending are shown.
  • The next scene is a flashback comic detailing an adventure of Kuzon and Aang. They are both climbing up a mountain. Kuzon reveals a map of the Fire Nation, with several dragons etched into it. A shot of a gold dragon is then seen.
  • Katara is seen running down a slope, asking what is going on. Sokka explains to her that a battle between Bumi and Toph is taking place. Toph and Bumi are having a stand off. Sokka rings a bell, and the battle begins. Sokka is seen cheering, Piandao's art is destroyed by the earthquakes. Jeong Jeong is thrown off balance.
  • Scenes from "Dirty Is Only Skin Deep".
  • Zuko and Sokka are seen having a sword fight, and Zuko apparently ends up victorious.
  • A shot of Kuzon and Aang. Some weirdly dressed strangers are holding a dragon egg. Another shot of the dragon. A giant flame is seen being shot down at Aang and Kuzon. Aang is seen holding the dragon egg. The dragon reappears, apparently angry at Aang.

Zuko's shocked face is shown and the trailer ends.

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