Alright, I just saw the movie, and I would like to say I LOVED IT, yeah I know shocker right?

How to enjoy it

Here are some tips to help you enjoy it:

  • Do NOT try and compare it to the show.
  • Do NOT listen to the reviewers and complainers, they all list mistakes in the movie, however, if you pay attention, you realize that they are there, just in a smaller form. Eveeryone has been listening to what another person says, however, it affects their opinion of the movie.
  • Do NOT complain about the bending, when the gaang is training, they are doing many moves, but nothing happens, this is actually because they aren't trying to bend, they are just practicing their form.
  • DO try and pay attention, some scenes go by fast.
  • DONT worry if a character was not included, the next movie will probably not miss anyone because it is written by the creators.
  • DONT complain, thses complaints about Aang are not true, he does smile, just less so. As said before, the characters are not trying to bend, they are just practicing their form. Zuko is still Mr.McAgnst.

Thank you for listening, please listen to these Dos and Donts, and DO NOT complain about the movie here, thank you.

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