Two weeks ago, Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Lost Adventures was released. Along with several comics that have been out of publication for three years and possibly more, The Lost Adventures reveals many new stories featuring our favorite characters.

New Stories

Book 2: Earth

  • "Reach for the Toph" is an all-new Book Two adventure. It is a four-page story detailing a training session between the members of Team Avatar. It takes place soon after Toph has joined the team. The art for "Reach for the Toph", however, may be a little off-putting to some readers.

Book 3: Fire

  • "Boys' Day Out" is a comic detailing Katara and Toph's journey into a male-only bar, where Katara attempts to prove her "toughness" to Toph.
  • "Ember Island Arcade" shows us more of Azula's adventures on Ember Island, where she fits with Zuko in an arcade game.
  • "Monster Slayer" is about a town that is attacked by a "monster", who they believe to be Appa. Wanting food, Sokka offers to slay the beast in exchange for money.
  • "Combustion Man on a Tain" shows us a train in the central Fire Nation, which Aang and Sokka ride in order to accompany a small girl to her Grandmother's house. Along the way, they are attacked by Combustion Man.
  • "Swordbending" features a "Swordbending Kai" between Sokka and Zuko.
  • "No Benders Allowed" is a story about Sokka creating a tent with various toys and gadgets inside, but not allowing in any benders out of jealousy.
  • "Love Is a Battlefield" is a "Kataang" comic, perhaps the most serious out of the lot, it features Aang asking a reluctant Katara about their kiss during the "Day of Black Sun".
  • "Dragon Days" is the only time we are shown Aang's friend, Kuzon, who has bought a map of a Dragon's Nest. This story is recounted to Zuko by Aang.
  • "Game Time" is a hide-and-seek game between Team Avatar.

Enjoy the comics, and remember to check next year for the 'Book 4' comics!

Images coming soon.

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