I have worked on my writing here is test 1.

PS You may want to read the first chapter of Fanon:Avatar:Renegade to get some of this.

Shui stood outside the large temple, his hair following in the wind. He was very angry at his master, just as he always was.

"C'mon old man! I don't have all night!" he yelled.

It was a cold December night, the sun had long gone down, it would be dark for the next few months and if he didn't leave soon, Shui would need to wait much lnger to find an Earthbending master, but it was his duty as Avatar to learn the elements as fast as possible. He remembered how proud he was when he finally mastered Waterbending after 9 long years, he had trained from dawn till dusk and never had a resting day, not even when he was sick. He was 13 now and his playful personality had long been taken over by one much more pessimistic.

His master opened the door."Why can't you be patient?!?" He spat," I have important buissness to discuss with the elders."

"Can't you talk to them on the way to the boat?"

"No! Now why don't you go do something with your time like training?!?" Toruk said as he shooed Shui away.

Shui walked over to the cliffside, the former location of the Spirit Oasis. But the Oasis was long gone, now there was nothing but a small puddle. Shui remembered that day, even though it was long ago, he remembered it vividly, that day had changed his life forever.

"Shui!" A voice called out to him, he recognized it as the voice of his mother. The same mother who had been crying about her little boy leaving just a few hours before.

"Shui!"She screamed as she reached him,"Shui, I forgot to give you this before you left the house, Toruk said you-"

"Just give me the gift," he said cutting her offf rather rudely.

"Well,"the woman reached behind her and pulled out a medium sized pouch,"it's not much, but it was your grandfather's."

Shui reached into the pouch and pulledout a blanket,"It has a Fire Nation symbol on it, why is that?"

"Well," she continued after a small pause,"it symbolized his victory ver the Fire Nation back when they controlled this area. Do you like it?"

"Well.."Shui looked up and saw the sadness in his mother's face, his expression turned from anger to happiness,"I love it!'

Tell me what you think, this is test #1 so I'm still working on it.

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