As of late, we have known very little about Avatar Legend of Korra, but so far we have collected more info.

  • Andrea Romano plays an unknown part and has recorded 3 episodes so far.
  • The Gaang is all dead.
  • The cast is "recording 12 episodes until we see where it takes us". this means we can get more episodes people! That means the possibility of a special where we see what happened after sozins comet.
  • The music will be

"Wynn: Right, and so it's like, how do you use the Roaring Twenties with an Asian feel? It'll be an interesting challenge. That's one of the ideas that have been thrown on the table. Who knows what will actually happen in the end, but it was one of things that Bryan mentioned and seemed like an interesting idea. It's not like these traditional instruments will be abandoned but I'm sure the instrumentation will be different. It all really depends on the storyline and the motions that we need to convey.?

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