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New Korra Photo!

The Legend of Korra poster

A photo of a poster from Comic-Con.

Recently, a new Korra photo has been released from Comic Con! It is a poster featuring new characters. It also appears to have the Anti-Bender Leader in the background. Why would he have a mask? Let's await more updates from Comic Con!

Also, notice, the Anti-Bender Leader is holding his hands up, as if saluting a crowd.

What else do you expect from Comic Con? Who else is in this pic?


  • From what people are saying on twitter,
    • They brought in a cosplayer to show them what Korra looks like.
    • They're playing a trailer.
      • At most, it's a minute long.
      • It was fantastic. It brought tears to some peoples eyes...apparently Korra's Firebending is awesome.
    • Korra has a cool red outfit.
    • They're showing concept art.
    • They're talking about expanding the Avatar world into Korra.
    • The world looks COMPLETELY different in Korra.
    • Original drawing of Korra:

  • The United Republic was founded by Aang and Zuko.

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