Alright, so the new compilation books are coming out this year, and some new news has surfaced in the form of a preview at! Firstly, the Table of Contents reveal when each comic takes place and reveals the names of some new ones.

Book One: Water

Bee Calm
Water War
Don't Blow It

Fruit-Stand Freestyle

Book Two: Earth

Sokka the Avatar
Dirty Is Only Skin Deep
Divided We Stand
Reach For The Toph (New)
It's Only Natural
Going Home Again
The Bridge

Book Three: Fire

Private Fire
Night Animals (New)
Ember Island Arcade (New)
Monster Slayer (New)
Combustion Man on a Train (New)
Swordbending (New)
No Benders Allowed (New)
Love Is A Battlefield (New)
Dragon Days (New)
Game Time (New)
Bumi Vs. Toph, Round One (Round...One?)
After this there is some "previews", however, it is only of two previously released comics.


I have decided to make a new user group, Avatar Wiki: Comic Crew, if anyone is interested, the users may leave their names in the comments and i will include them on the page when I make it.

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