First off, let me just say: bravo! The creators of this wonderful show, Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko managed to wrap up their epic, Asian-influenced series wonderfully! I can't believe it has already been two years since the show finally ended and called it quits, well at least we got Korra to look forward to. Anyway, back to the review, let's begin.

Character Development

This episode really highlights how much everyone has grown, we first saw them all as goofy kids that didn't have a chance to beat the Fire Nation. But over the course of the series, we saw them mature and become powerful adversaries for anyone.


Aang began his journey as the Avatar, but he was very irresponsible and just some goofy kid. He didn't want to be the Avatar and only wanted to play and have fun and be back with his friends. But everything has to change, and it did; Aang was forced to see how the world changed and was being harmed, he had to stop it. He began to train and, while he was still a fun-loving, playful kid, he became stronger and eventually was ready to invade the Fire Nation on the Day of Black Sun. But he failed; he still didn't want to admit this was out of control and he would have to kill Ozai or witness the murder of countless lives. In these episodes, we see him struggle to do his job and kill Ozai, but he remains adamant and tries to find a third way out. He then meets the Lion turtle, a creature eons old with much wisdom to give, and finally finds a way to end it.

He faces Ozai. By a huge stroke of luck, Aang unlocks the Avatar State and proceeds to pummel him, nearly to death. But, he can't do it, he is strong enough to take control and take away Ozai's powers, a feat he couldn't have accomplished at the beginning of his long path to victory. He goes from a child-perhaps a bit weak and overactive-to a fully-realized Avatar able to take out the strongest bender in the world. The final scene shows him calm and reserved, celebrating victory, but finally victorious.


Katara starts out as a water bender with much to learn, but no one to learn from. She is weak and is very uptight, but she is mother-like as a result of the loss of her beloved mother, Kya. Katara has much to learn and much more to go through over the next nine months she travels with Aang. Her very first few adventures with him alone caused her to gain strength rapidly. She barely managed to beat some of Zuko's guards in their very first encounter, but by the North Pole, she is able to take on a master Waterbender and Zuko himself. She is a Waterbending prodigy and learns quickly enough, becoming a Waterbending master in mere months.

But she eventually becomes very confused, this goofy kid she found in an iceberg is starting to become strong and she begins to realize she loves him. She is overjoyed when Aang masters the Avatar State and is about to beat Azula and Zuko, but she quickly loses all hope when he is struck down. If it weren't for Iroh, she would have probably stayed until Zuko and Azula killed her. When Aang finally admits he loves her, she knows she feels the same way, but cant bring herself to admit it. She fears that war could separate them and she fears he could die and leave her; like her mother. Katara is still hurting over the loss of her mother and she is harmed by it, she still want revenge. When Zuko finally joins the team, she doesn't trust him, she still remembers his betrayal and has a deep grudge on the Fire Nation in general. They took her mother, they nearly took Aang, and she feels betrayed. She threatens to end him if he tries to harm any of her friends, especially Aang.

Zuko eventually helps her grow, but not by putting her on the wrong path first. He offers vengeance to her, he offers to help her find her mother's killer and kill him. But Aang knows this won't help her at all, he knows she shouldn't do it. But she dismisses him, she goes with Zuko and finds the man that murdered her mother and almost kills him, but she comes to her senses and knows it won't help her; she let's him go and let's her mother go, she doesn't forget her, but she lets her grudge go. She sees that Zuko tried to help her and finally begins to trust him and sees that Aang does know what is best for her. The final battle finally comes in this episode and her change is finally highlighted, Zuko asks her to come and defeat Azula with him and she accepts; she killed Aang,after all she needs payback. They attack Azula, who has finally slipped and lost control, going down a spiral to insanity. Zuko is hurt and it is up to Katara to take over and beat Azula, her strength is finally highlighted when she finally beats one of the strongest Firebenders in the world, she beats Azula and causes her to go completely insane. But Zuko is nearly dead and her healing abilities shine through, she manages to bring him back from the brink of death and saves him and the whole world from Azula.

The final scene shows us how much she really grew. Her hair is down, she isn't so uptight and grew from a common Water Tribe citizen to a beautiful, strong woman. Her necklace is off, she finally let go of her mother's death and she isn't confused anymore, she kisses Aang and admits she loves him and they don't have to worry about the Fire Nation any longer.


Sorry, but this takes a long time to write so I will continue tomorrow.




The Last Agni Kai

The Airship Assault

The Liberation of Ba Sing Se

The Avatar and the Firelord

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