Hello, I have started a new fanon, Avatar: Journey of Korra, it is my version of events.


In the show, Korra will meet new friends and enemies and meet one last member of Team Avatar. Meanwhile, she must stop the villainous Anti-benders and their demonic leader, Xi.


Korra is the seventeen year old reincarnation of Aang and the most current Avatar. She has mastered Waterbending, Earthbending, and recently Firebending. As she begins to search for Tenzin, Korra makes a friend in Kira; a 15 year old nonbender and master Swordswoman, and Wei Bei; her friend since she mastered Earthbending. Tenzin is her 70 year old Airbending master and grandfather figure to the group. Meanwhile, Korra is constantly annoyed by Meelo, the grandson of Tenzin and her fellow student.

The Anti-benders are a cult that worships the False God, Xi. Xi is an ancient spirit who wants to conquer the world for the sake of chaos and boredom, but first he needs to gain power by eating a sacrifice of benders.


A preview has been released and can be read on the fanon page.

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