Elemental tornado

Message to rollback users.

There are many Rollback users in this site, but there has been a problem. Most rollbacks do not know that you should only rollback an edit that is outright vandalism, and not use rollback for normal edits. Rollback users also have use of a "delete" button. This button should only be used to delete comments, pages in the user name space, or Fanon by the rollback. The delete function is not for deleting pages or photos up for deletion, that is an admin's job. Some users haven't been informed of this, and have been undoing normal edits with their rollback powers. Please, do not do this, it may result in the loss of rollback privileges and we do not want that.

Thanks and have a nice evening, but please remember this next time you want to use rollback to undo an edit or delete a page on "Candidates for Speedy Deletion".

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