A tall, brown haired 13 year old girl is standing on the edge of a balcony in the Southern Water Tribe overlooking the grand city.

"Korra?" A short woman asks,"Are you ready?"

"Yeah I'm ready." The girl says, wiping a tear from her blue eye.

"Is something wrong Korra?"

"Well, it's just-" the girl stops and jumps at the elderly woman, hugging her tightly.

The old woman is taken aback, then embraces the girl, comforting her.

Letting go, the girl sobs,"I'll miss you, Sifu Katara."

"You know," Katara responds, lifting the crying girl's hair from her face,"I never realized how much you look like your grandfather."

Korra looks up, briefly holding back her tears,"What?"

"I forgot you never really got to meet him, he was a great man," she looks over her shoulder,"Sort of like Meelo."

"What?!? But Meelo is so annoying!," she says, letting go,"Grandpa was way more powerful than him!"

The old woman chuckles,"Oh, you know how brothers can be."

Korra sat down pouting, her grandaunt's words perplexed her.

"You really should get back to bed, you don't want to wake up late and miss your boat."
"Maybe I want to miss my boat, I never wanted to be Avatar, not my choice."

"Hush now, it is the Avatar's job to master the elements, in fact, I fear a new war may be starting," she says, half-lying.

Korra went wide-eyed,"Really?!?" The Great War always fascinated Korra, she could never learn enough about it.

"Yes, so you'd better do your job," she said.

"Oh I will!" Korra always wanted to be best, she would never want that to happen again.

"Good, now go to bed, lest you want to fail at your job," Katara hated to lie to her new family, but if she didn't now Korra would never be motivated enough to learn the elements.

The now excited Korra ran to her grandaunt,"Don't worry!" she said, kissing the grey haired old grandaunt on the cheek,"I won't miss my boat! I'll do my best, but I don't think I can sleep, I'm going to plan my trip, may be I'll go see Aunt Toph first!"

Katara laughed to herself, suddenly putting out her candle and went back to her small room-the same room she had for the past 50 years-and went to sleep.

It was a bright morning, cold, but bright, Korra raced down the stairs to the giant submarine, with her 8 year old brother following close behind.

"Hey wait up Korra!" Meelo yelled at the top of his lungs.

"No way!"She shrieked back,"You're not the one who is going to go to the Earth Kingdom!"

The two bickered all the way, while the villagers all stared at them. By the time the duo had finally reached the gates of the massive town, it was mid afternoon and Meelo was gasping for breath.

"Korra......wait.............up," Meelo said as he fell face first onto the dock near the submarine.

"Finally! Soon I will reach the Earth Kingdom and I'll be the first Avatar to master the elements in a day! You'll see!" She said happily to the passed out Meelo.

"Korra!" Katara waved at the girl and boy, who was waking up,"Korra, I'd like to give something to you." The frail woman reached into her bag.

"What is it SiFu?"Korra aked eagerly.

"Here,"Katara said with a smile of her face,"I'd like you to have this, it was my Water Pouch when I was your age. I'd also like you to have some other things."

Korra gladly accepted the puch,"Oh boy! I love it Aunt Katara! You didn't need to get me anything else."

"But I did," the woman said,"Now I know you are a long ways off from learning Airbending, but I think you should have this."

"Wow! That is a glider and it belonged to Uncle Aang didn't it?"

Katara paused at the mention of her husband,"Yes, it is, I thought you should have it, I also got you something else,"she said as she gave the girl the blue object.

"You really didn't have to get me anything, but what is the last one?"

"Well, I don't know if you'll like it, maybe I should have gotten you the other thing"

"C'mon SiFu, I'll love whatever you give me!" The girl said, putting her new presents in her bag.

"Well, alright," she said as she grabbed a small pup from behind her.


"I'm glad you like it," Katara said kindly.

"Oh SiFu!"Korra said as she began to cry.

"You're such a baby!"Meelo yelled.

"Shut up!"The teary eyed girl began to bend a wave higher and higher.

"Stop!"The woman yelled, silencing the kids,"You two should be sad that you won't see eachother!"

The kids reluctantly agreed.

"Good, now hug."

"Hmpf,"Korra hugged her brother goodbye.

"Ahem," the captain cleared his throat,"we really must be leaving."

"Oh, right."Korra sadly waved the two goodbye as she boared the submarine,"Bye! I'll miss you all!"

Katara waved her hand and began to cry,"I miss you too, Aang."

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