So, I've been looking at old Korra announcements and I found some interesting ones to discuss:

"* On whether or not we'd see a love interest for Korra: "We love that stuff. We're total cornballs, we love cheesy teen romance. Rest assured, there's plenty or romance happening in the story, but it's the same balance of ingredients that we like." "

It looks like Korra is confirmed to have a love interest, so the anti-Shippers just ran out of luck, they also used this to describe the love triangle plot, so I am thinking Korra will be one part of that love triangle. What do you think?

"* On the persecution of Airbenders being compared to the X-Men registration act: "We'll see something like that, but in sort of a different structure." "

I never knew they were going to have this in the story line, but they said "persecution of Airbenders" which means that there are enough Airbenders to have to register. However, I think they made a goof and I think they simply meant persecution of benders in Republic City, and they have to register. I think the Republic City government will side with the Anti-Benders.

"* So will Aang have any kind of presence? " his way." "

We all know this but I just wanted to post it cause it makes me happy. =D However, this makes me wonder what they mean by "in his way.".

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