As you all may have noticed (or not), our forums have been down for several days, and plagued by spam for several weeks. Many problems have been associated with the forums and they have finally stopped working, so I think it's time for a new course of action:

Plan A: Open The Forums On Wiki Again

There is one way that forums can be moderated normally and be a part of the normal wiki, where users do not need to create new accounts or shift through spam just to find one topic. Many users eventually became infuriated with this, but on the wiki spam is no problem and we don't see it very much. Enabling the on wiki forums again probably would not take much effort and would probably just require an administrator to undo the final edit on the forum main page and we'd probably be back in business.


There are some disadvantages to reopening the forums on wiki again, since blogs generally have the same purpose and the pages get longer and longer continually, making it harder to edit.

Plan B: Make A New Namespace

This is a drastic plan, proposed by wjxhuang on the IRC, however it would require much work and would need to be heavily watched. It could possibly be called something like "Theories:"


Many users feel that this measure is too drastic for the wiki and do not want it. Even the original person who proposed it was against it a little. This option would require heavy watching and would take away from our canon namespace.

Plan C: Disable The Forums Altogether

This is probably the easiest way to manage this ordeal, we could probably just disable the forums altogether, as talk pages and blog serve the same purpose. Absolutely nothing would have to change, nothing at all.


Blogs are harder to navigate through and users must look through pages upon pages to find old comments, and most users aren't willing to do this, so we end up with repeated suggestions that have been turned down or possibly repeated questions. Talk pages are not for discussing characters or theories, but for discussing improvements for the articles, so they are less likely to be used.

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