I have been seeing fanon contest blogs lately, such as AvatarRokusGhost' blog and an old contest, and have decided to make a new contest. The contest is not yet official, this blog is merely to see if people are interested. The contest will go on for 2 weeks to a month, with each contestant making a new fanon by following the prompt.


There will be two types of prompts, one will simply be a Fanon character page, like this one from an old contest, and the other will be a fanon story, which only needs to have a minimum of one episode. The winner will be decided by me (and possibly others, I may put together a small council).


All of the rules of the Fanon Community must still be followed (e.g. if a page is under quality it will be moved to a user namespace).

Possible Contestants

Fanon Character Page

Fanon Story Page

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