I just released a new chapter of Avatar: Journeys of Hiroku yesterday, after a few weeks of hiatus. I am in the process of working on chapter 2 as we speak, and, since I just graduated yesterday, I will be able to write more quickly. In the mean time, enjoy this preview (some of which TAD helped with):

The General brought Hiroku into a room filled with men and women, who were being addressed by a surly looking man in front.

"We will attack from the rear," he said in a deep voice, pointing at a map.

A man sitting in front piped up, "That won't work-"

"Unless you use protection," someone in back said in a loud whisper.

The people in the room roared with laughter, except for the man in front, who looked angry. He seemed ready to chastise the man when the General called to him, "Private Kun Hou! Come here!"

The room fell silent, everyone looked apprehensive, but the man who had said the joke merely walked forward as if nothing had happened. He was well-built man, young looking; he only seemed to be about 18. He walked with a strut as he accompanied the General and Hiroku outside the room.

"This is Kun Hou," he told Hiroku as they closed the door, "he will be your body guard."

"Huh?" Kun said, confused.

"Yes, you heard me, Hou," he told him, "You are looking at the Avatar. Yes, the Avatar, Hou"-Kun did a double take and stared at Hiroku-"you are to tell no one who he is and what you are doing. You are to follow him everyday, but do not follow too closely; we don't want people to know who Hiroku is."

Hiroku looked at the young man; he did not think he looked up to the job of protecting the Avatar. Evidently, the General saw this, because he pulled Hiroku aside a second later as Kun walked back to the room.

"I know he doesn"t seem like much," the General said, "but he gets the job done. The only reason he hasn't been promoted is that foul mouth of his. I'm sure you don't mind that, though, right?"

Hiroku shook his head.  


  • I love the line Trillian (TAD) gave me: "Unless you use protection.", I had to use it instead of the original line,"But I thought you liked attacking the rear!".

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