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Easter Eggs in Republic City Photo?

I have been looking over the photo of Republic City that was previously released. Most people simply look at the overall picture, or simply focus on Korra. However, I was bored one day so I decided to look at the Republic City photo closely. I found two Easter Eggs:

  1. It appears to be a statue of a man, it's giant. Vaguely, it looks like a man wearing robes. Note it appears crescent-shaped, but cannot be Crescent Island because of small differences. An obvious reference to the Statue of Liberty.
  2. A highway bridge that leads somewhere off island. A likely reference to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Here are the photos:



Thank you, Moon Beam, for the Photobucket links!

What do you think? Are these real Easter Eggs, do you think my guesses are correct? Do you think its just a trick of the eye? Have you found any Easter Eggs?

Edit: Me and PSUAvatar14 were looking at the Map of the World of Avatar to see if we could find Republic City. We believe we have:

The Northern Earth Kingdom, between the Abbey and Makapu Village.

Credit to PSUAvatar14 for the Photobucket link! Thank you, PSU!

Lets look at the clues:

  • It's got a bay.
  • It's got plenty of mountains.
  • It's got a crescent shaped island.

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