FANDOM has recently released an interview with Dante Basco which provides some insight into his role on Avatar: The Last Airbender. Certain aspects of his roles have been provided, such as:

  • He was one of the first cast members on board for the show.
  • He never expected the show to become so big.
  • He did provide some "indirect" influence for Zuko.
  • His favorite scenes were the ones he preformed with Mako. He had previously worked with him before.
  • He did not see The Last Airbender movie, but he disagreed with the representation of Zuko, especially with his hair. However, he has no thoughts about the other parts. He has no intentions at all to watch it.
  • He thinks there are many "openings" for the "Avatar" series.
  • He would do an explanation for Ursa's whereabouts.
  • He talks a small bit about Legend of Korra, but not much. He will not voice act for only one episode. He talks about doing multiple episodes. He does not play Prince Zuko. Dante also believes people will be happy and that the episode animation is beautiful. He also said the finale of Legend of Korra has been finished. This means the 2013 release date has nothing to do with timing.
  • He will try to answer any questions you may have on his twitter.

The interview can be found at:

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