I have decided to do recommendations for fanon since good canons have not been getting the recognition they deserve...

Fanon Recommendations

Title:The Little Things


Rating:***** Courage approves.

Summary:Nine years after the end of the show, Aang and Katara struggle to see eye-to-eye when Aang tries to force Air Nomad culture on his five year old daughter, Sakira.

Comments: A very good fanon, with a sweet ending. Aang and Katara are mostly in character and Vulmen's OC Sakira is likable and, unlike many original characters, not a Mary Sue. Vulmen does a very good job of portraying a realistic Aang, instead of being stress free and goofy without any actual development, Vulmen makes him an emotional person who feels concerned for the future of his people. Katara and Aang are not boring people who don't argue and are lovey-dovey, they actually fight and make up like a real couple. The fanon is very detailed (though Sakira's appearance is not described) and conveys emotion through the text. I actually felt worried when Aang and Katara fought and Aang nearly *spoiler* left the house in anger.

Overall, this fanon deserves an A+ and should be read. Vulmen has told me this will be continued, but only after he finishes Eyes of Katara, another well-written fanon that I will review later in this blog after I catch up on the material.

Author's Note

The next recommendation should be by Wednesday and the one after should be on Friday. Originally, I was going to review and recommend Avatar:Guardian, by The Bos, but I need to get caught up on the episodes so I can show how awesome it is.

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