I studied the picture at the right of the page for quite some time, months ago. With this picture, I managed to find out the gender of many Avatars and make conclusions based on it. These are the following Avatars I identified (the list is from current to farthest in the past).


  1. Korra
  2. Aang
  3. Roku
  4. Kyoshi
  5. Kuruk
  6. Yangchen
  7. Unnamed Male Fire Avatar
  8. Unnamed Male Earth Avatar
  9. Unnamed Female Water Avatar
  10. Unnamed Male Air Avatar
  11. Unnamed Female Fire Avatar
  12. Unnamed Male Earth Avatar

Note:After this point, the Avatars are simply mirrored for some reason.

Conclusions and Findings

Based on this list from the picture, the following conclusions can be made:

  • Korra is the First Female Water Avatar in quite some time, at least one or two millenia! If the Water Tribes had more Avatars, maybe they'd give women a little more respect, after having to acknowledge the most powerful bender in their own nation being a girl.
  • The proportion of Males to Females is higher in the male side for whatever reason.
  • I have not been able to find a pattern, perhaps someone else may be able to with these findings?

Males to Females

File:Avatars 002.png
As noted above, the ratio of Males to Females seems off for some reason. Also note that in the picture at left, there are zero female Avatars, showing us that sometimes whole cycles go by without females. It should be noted, however, that the cycle was not fully established by this time, so this could probably be disregarded.

Possible Pattern

Using this (admittedly small) dataset, I have found out a possible pattern: For every sixth Avatar, the gender is switched with a different gender being in the middle of the same gender. Then, the cycle flips, if a past generation had a guy then two girls, the next has two guys, then a girl. However, this can only be used if the picture of all male Avatars is disregarded, which I believe may be possible as Kyoshi was a guy when that episode aired, meaning the cycle was not fully established.

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