I have been playing the wolfgame on IRC a lot lately, and I thought about an Avatar version of the game. 888 has said I may run the bot on IRC.


The Anti-Benders are attacking! Join us on IRC and help us stop the threat or die trying.  


NOTE: Please try and not reveal your role, it makes the game less fun. When you die, do not give others hints, it will be cheating.

  • There is one Foretuneteller. The Fortuneteller can tell who is an Anti-Bender.
  • There can be up to three Anti-Benders. Each Anti-Benders must get all Republic City citizens out of the way in order to win and conquer the city. They prefer to attack at night, so no one may leave their house or vote during this time.
  • There can be up to one floozie. The floozie can visit people in the night, but if they visit the victim or an Anti-Bender, they die. 
  • At some points, there may be one person who is the Avatar. As Avatar, yup may have a random number of bending moves to kill an Anti-Bender. Sometimes the Avatar may miss, and other times and Avatar may get hurt themselves.
  • The rest are normal citizens. They do not have any special powers. 


  • !Join-This command does what you think it does. It joins you to the game. After the game has started, no one may join.
  • !Start-This starts the game.
  • !Del-This lets you quit the g ame. Please, only use this when you must go. Do not use it when you are about to be killed.
  • !Attack <Username>-This command adds your vote to a tally. Anyone may use this command when it is day. When a certain number of votes (it depends on the number of players) is reached, the person is voted out. This may only be used during day.
  • !Kill <Username>-Only an Anti-Bender may use this command in a pm with the bot. If all Anti-Benders agree on a target, the target dies and it becomes daytime.
  • !See <Username>-Only a Fortuneteller may use this in pm. It tells the Fortuneteller what the user's role is.
  • !Visit <Username>-Only a Floozie may use this command. It let's them visit a person. If they visit the victim or if they visit an Anti-Bender, they die.
  • !Avatar State <Username>-Only an Avatar can use this. If they use it on an Anti-Bender, they die, if they use it on anyone else, the person lives. Sometimes it may backfire and the Avatar dies.


Python is a coding language. This bot (Avtbot) will be coded in python, if you want to help code it, you must know the language or begin to learns at places like this or this.

What do you think?

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