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12 Things Team Avatar and Co. Doesn't Want You To KNOW

  1. Mai and Sozin like The Powerpuff Girls
  2. Zuko no like the fan girls.
  3. Toph likes to stuff her bra and dance to Califonia Girls.
  4. Reportedly, Azula wasn't crazy, just pissed Daddy didn't buy her that new Hannah Montana album.
  5. Sokka doesn't like emat.
  6. Aang wore a blad cap.
  7. Zuko is a Kataang shipper
  8. Katara is a Jetko shipper.
  9. Ozai dyes his hair.
  10. Yue is always with Sokka. ALWAYS.
  11. Ty Lee is goth.
  12. Suki has a crush on Frothers.

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