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    October 4, 2011 by Olórin The White

    I will not be editing anymore, I have asked for my rollback to be taken away. Due to boredom, and several other factors, I have decided to not stay on the wiki anymore. You might have noticed that I have not edited very often lately.

    If you want to contact me, talk to me on the IRC, or my tumblr.


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  • Olórin The White

    Gene Yang, the author of "The Promise, Part 1" has been exclusively interviewed by He has revealed some interesting new information about the new comics.

    Some areas of interest include:

    • The comic takes place IMMEDIATELY after the final episode.
    • Though he remained silent about Ursa's whereabouts (however, heavily implied she will be in the comics), he said the rest of the conversation about her location featured in the final episode will be revealed.

    Read the interview here:

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  • Olórin The White

    No, this is no rumor started by Zutara fans, the actor recently tweeted that he was a Zutara shipper. He replied that he was "Team Zutara" during the show. His Twitter confession has caused many fans to celebrate (if they're Zutarians, that is) on sites such as Tumblr.

    What are your thoughts on this matter? Does it cause you to view the ship any differently?

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  • Olórin The White has recently released an interview with Dante Basco which provides some insight into his role on Avatar: The Last Airbender. Certain aspects of his roles have been provided, such as:

    • He was one of the first cast members on board for the show.
    • He never expected the show to become so big.
    • He did provide some "indirect" influence for Zuko.
    • His favorite scenes were the ones he preformed with Mako. He had previously worked with him before.
    • He did not see The Last Airbender movie, but he disagreed with the representation of Zuko, especially with his hair. However, he has no thoughts about the other parts. He has no intentions at all to watch it.
    • He thinks there are many "openings" for the "Avatar" series.
    • He would do an explanation …
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  • Olórin The White

    The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra has previously been slated for release in Fall 2011, but was later postponed until the middle of 2012, now, however, two separate sources (in a span of a few days) have stated that Korra will be released in 2013. Fans have already begun speculating that it is a rumor or that it is a typo. However, the possibility grows increasingly unlikely as more sources report Legend of Korra is going to be out in 2013, not 2012 as previously reported.

    EDIT: Several people have been saying in comments that this is likely due to time constraints, however, this is not the case:

    "Except that the addition of the second season did not postpone the air date. I promise. There are other network factors that are playing the role of "…

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