• Oddavatar

    Ba Sing Se first shown in the Avatar series as an extremely secretive place, whether from the viewpoint of Iroh and Zuko in the Lower Ring, or with 'Team Avatar' surrounded by only the highest of the high in the Upper Ring.

    While the the behavior of the 'Joo Dee(s)', the great fear of getting oneself in trouble with the goverement, the constant facade of being safe, and the mind tricks by Long Feng, I'm sure I'm not the only one who found obvious discomfort with what was actually going on in the walled city, many years ago when I first watched it. However, what became apperent to me first off was how much the social order and cultural aspects of Ba Sing Se matched those of Medival Japan. 

    Back in 1603, the concept of the 'Shogun' was first c…

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