• Obote001

    Avatar Nubia vs Avatar Wan

    January 31, 2015 by Obote001

    Well its safe to say i've been a fan of the avatar series for donkey years and everythng seems so perfect till i got to a point where i asked myself "Who is the REAL FIRST Avatar"?. Based on the video in the legend of korra saga, it is shown to us that AVATAR WAN is indeed the first avatar 10,000years prior to Avatar Korra but coming down to the comic series, WAN isnt even mentioned at all. Avatar NUBIA is said to be the first avatar with the old gods passing down the ability to bend the elements but not the knowledge bla bla bla, its all so confusing and i guess , well an explanation is really needed. We know who the lion turtles are and whow they bend the energy within to give or take bending. So now my questions are :


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