• Oblivion25

    For those that I have talked to, they know I am the author of Avatar: Corruption. However, I also used to be known as ShadowEden96.

    That's right, I was the author of Otherworlder, and apparently was a mass-vandal by using some other account. Though i still firmly say that i was not sockpuppeteering anything. However, i guess Thailog had to do what was right for everyone. Anyway, the real reason why I am writing this blog is that I miss writing Otherworlder, and I knew that if I wrote it I would be found out and my new account probally blocked, which is why I didnt. But I want to start writing Otherworlder again, which is why I am asking those blocked me to lay off. I never did, nor do i ever, want to start trouble, I simply want to write my…

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