Hello and welcome to my blog on the Avatar wiki, I joined this wiki yesterday (29/12/13) however, I have used this wiki many times before to gain information regarding the avatar world.

My idea for the avatar world would be for it to come atleast full circle and have the next two avatars after Korra, the earth and fire avatars respectivaly. I would also lioke to see a decent movie adaptation to this franchise as the 2010 film was a mockery of this franchise. i would also like to see the animated verisons of when Zuko finaly found his mother Ursal in her home town in the outter fire nation.

Along with that I would like a more general history of the fire lords and the transition from tthe fire nation being ruled by the fire sages to being ruled by the fire lords in an absolute monarchy, and of course I would like a full list of Avatars from Wan to Korra and their lengths as avatar and some basic information on each, although I do realise that the last point is a heck of a long shot.

Please koin me in my adventure  on Avatar wiki 

Regars Northern Avatar96 (wallcontribs)

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