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    '(You broke (insert censor beep here) piece of '(insert censor beep here) computer! (a reference to the Merry PAYDAY Christmas carol))

    Now, this is my opinion, don't start a flamewar because it's my opinion and i stand for it. I am a gamer, i've played lots of videogames and seen footages, but i mainly focus on FPS/TPS/Action/Adventure/RTS games, so i know alot about these kind of games. Also when criticizing my opinion, criticise it like a critic, not like a 10 year old that wants to start a flamewar, i haven't got my hands on the game and i've seen only footage of it and also heard a bit of the plot. I might get it and write more in-depth review.

    My Opinion: Why The Legend of Korra videogame failed.


    1) Repetitive Gameplay.

    The mai…

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    The Korra fans at Comic-Con just wrote a new episode of The Legend of Korra. Two special guests also contributed, i didn't identify them. But, as i watched half of the video, it might be a spin-off episode.

    See the video, and post your thoughts on comments!


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    Activision may publish next Legend of Korra game.


    1.THQ went bankrupt this year, because games like Red Faction: Armageddon really failed,they had a profit decrease,and went bankrupt.

    As you know,THQ had released ATLA games (they were pretty bad).

    2.Activision have published some Nickelodeon games,like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    But that doesn't mean that Activision might release an ATLoK game.

    Bryan can make a contract with other video-game companies, like Ubisoft or EA.

    THQ made ATLA games pretty bad trough.They were badly made and featured some cut parts.

    As you know, Activision published many popular game franchises, like Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, and World of Warcraft.

    It would be a big success,as some Activision games get popular very …

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