• NoName999

    So people have been claiming that's been both confirmed that will be less romance and a Korrasami friendship in Book 3. Ignoring the fact that we had to apparently wait over 20 episodes for the latter, I'm here to tell you that both claims are most likely false.

    For the lack of romance confirmation, I scourage the seven Internets to find a decent source of the claim. The closest I seemed to have found was this link [1]. And the following lines from said link:

    There’s also continuing interest in whomever Korra is dating. Diane Pangilinan ‏@twinklelydy asked “do u have any plans for developing Korra’s love life?”

    Konietzko: It seems to me that people are uninterested in that. They get completely angry when we have fun with the teen romance stuff…

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