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  • I live in at home
  • I was born on December 30
  • My occupation is becoming a lawyer
  • I am FEMALE
  • Nisey Phoo

    Okay every one lets here ur opinion... if a lion turtle can give Aange tha power to energy-bend, tht means ntt jst tha avatar can energy-bend. it has ben told that energy-bending was alredy invented before benders were even called benders. Soooo if what they say istrue about only the avatar can bend then wouldnt it BUMI Aange son who is Amon. because Kiya and Tenzin(Aange's children) can air-bend btt BUMI can not, Aange must have tought BUMI to energy-bend because he could not air-bend . Hummmmm...?

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