If you don't like Azula, then don't continue reading or post anything on this blog post because it's mainly for Azula fans to read and we don't wanna hear anything from you. Okay, I'm not certain how or why this is happening, but there is a horrible rumour going about and when I say horrible, I MEAN HORRIBLE!!!!!!

The horrible rumor I've read online is that Azula is going to die in part 3 of the Smoke and Shadow trilogy..... this CANNOT STAND Azula Fandom! After the search ended, I'm willing to bet we all went crazier than Azula did during Sozin's Comet. If that's the reaction to Azula running away after she was shown crying when the mother who didn't remember her apologised for not loving her enough as well as Zuko telling her no matter how messed up their relationship was that she would always be his sister, imagine the outrage that'll arise if Azula dies! Even if this horrible rumour is someone's twisted idea of a joke, it is no laughing matter to kill a character loved by fans, even if they're antagonists because the antagonist in particular believes her own mother thinks of her as a monster and can't believe the hallucinations teling her the exact opposite.

Azula Fandom... here it what you must do: Post how you'd react and what you'd do if this rumour became reality (which hopefully it won't). Also, post why in your own opinion, Azula cannot be killed. Here is my response: I'd destroy my laptop with my bare hands (or at least I'd try to), send more than enough angry letters to everyone involved in the creation of Avatar The Last Airbender and they'd all be filled with why they should not have done that. Azula is in a way, a main character and her being an antagonist is what we love about her. Plus, killing off main characters in TV shows and films always causes outrage from fans and this is still Avatar the last airbender, not Korra, so you can't expect to kill antagonists willy nilly without recieving some form of hatred.

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