For those who haven't read "Rebound", Mura is introduced as Mai and Tom-Tom's aunt, but how is she their aunt? Because the family tree doesn't mention her at all. So, what do you think? Is she their aunt because she is the sister of Michi (Mai and Tom-Tom's mother) and the warden of the boiling rock prison or the sister of Ukano (Mai and Tom-Tom's father)?  Personally, I think she's Ukano's sister because they're shown to have the same coloured hair in the 12 page preview of Smoke and Shadow. But she could be Michi's sister as in the 12 page preview, they appeared to get on really well like siblings with a good relationship So, post who you think Mura is the blood sister of and SOMEBODY PUT HER ON MAI'S FAMILY TREE ALREADY! I would, but it's not allowing me too.

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