• Nick Lewis


    December 5, 2010 by Nick Lewis

    Hi everyone. What I am about to write will hopefully express the views of many users throughout this site. I would like as much feedback as possible so we can reach an agreement with regards to the recently implemented "badge system".

    I believe that part of the reason the badge system was implemented was so we could have more users on this site. Apropos, the site would grow quickly. While this may be true, I think the aspect of quality was overlooked. As it turned out, we got 100's of users making outrageously pointless edits just for the sake of earning these badges. The effects that I have noticed are the following:

    A). An increase in pointless comments. By pointless I mean comments which add nothing to the wiki, inappropriate comments, an…

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  • Nick Lewis

    Moderation Rights (Forums)

    November 13, 2010 by Nick Lewis

    Hi all,

    I would like to request GM/administrative permissions on the avatar forums. As we all know, they are grossly inactive. I have a few ideas (which have been calaborated on with other users) as to how to improve the forums.

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  • Nick Lewis

    Most powerful Bender

    August 8, 2010 by Nick Lewis

    My contention is the following:

    Earth: King Bumi and Toph.

    I believe Toph has greater raw talent, but King Bumi has more experience. Therefor, Bumi would win in a fight. He would take advantage of her blindness, and make quicksand or something in order to prevent her from 'seeing'.

    Airbending: Of course Aang.

    Waterbending; Paku and Katara

    Firebending: Iroh, Azula, Azulon, and Oizi.

    Both Azula and Azulon are described as being firebending prodigies. It is clear they have the most raw talent. Iroh has the most experience. It is shown that he can easily defeat Azula, and most likely Oizi (his doubt is really just humility).

    What are you thoughts?

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