Who will play Toph? (If you have any suggestions yourself, please let me know, as the following are just my opinion, and therefore probably very bad)

It's a bit of a mystery at this point. M.Night hasn't actually confirmed yet who the lucky actress is yet. There has been many suggestion by fans as to who will play the feisty role, particularly those who don't wish for him to make a casting mistake as he did before (In their opinions, and possibly mine.)

Kylie Goldstein

I personally found Toph a hard one to cast. A friend suggested young Kylie Goldstein to me as a possible young Toph candidate. what do you think? Goldstein isn't actually a actress an the moment, but apparently desperate for the role (who wouldn't be?)

However, some think Kylie looks a little too childish and girly to pull off tomboy Toph's character. Nevertheless, I would wish her good luck with that one. but knowing M.Night, he seems to go for actors that have been in the business for some time already.

Miki Ishiwaka

Miki Ishiwaka is an American actress who was also a member of a rock band for some time. she was suggested to play Toph on many "Alternative L picture I tried to upload of actress Chloe Moretz is apparently "Illegal"...whoa! anyways, you might recognize her from such films as Kick Ass. I don't particularly think she and Toph look alike at all, but she's an extremely popular choice. She certainly has Toph's feistiness and will-power, and it is quite likely (But not confirmed) that she might play Toph.ast Airbender Cast" videos on YouTube, which gave me the idea of also suggesting her. There are similarities between them, but also setbacks.

Miki is currently 18 years old....far too old for Toph (Im suspecting this in an earlier picture of her) which would mean she is older than most of the cast. looks-wise, I think she could of pulled it off. what do you think? apparently, Miki was interested in the role, but that's likely to be a rumour. chances of her playing Toph are slim.


I really want to know YOUR ideas on who Toph should be played as. feel free toTell me if my suggestions were right or wrong, I wont mind at all. so get typing, discuss it, and if YOU want to be Toph, let me know and I'll get in touch with my little Leprechaun under my bed who totally owes me three wishes



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