• Nethrolithica

    Help for a Newbie? :)

    January 23, 2011 by Nethrolithica

    Hey, Im Nethrolithica! I only joined the Wiki in early January, so I am reletively new, but Im already addicted to the site and more than eager to help out and be involved as much as I possibley can!

    However, even though I am finding most things easy peasy, I've recently been bothered, confused and a little frustrated about adding an Information Box to my user page. I havent got a clue how to add one. I know it's probably an easy thing to do, but I only got a computer very recently and Im not too familiar! I'd really appreciate it if someone could tell me how?


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  • Nethrolithica

    I recently had a sudden brainstorm while thinking up another fanfic plot for Katara. while moulding it over in my mind, a thought occured: "Hey, why not do Toph?"

    So I thought about it, and came up with a brief summary of what this fanon would be about. instead of telling us what we already know and repeating the rigmarole, I decided to tell the tale of Toph before she met the Avatar and friends(I know at this piont it's not sounding too original, but bare with me!)

    so here's what I've thought up so far. If I ever suceed in completing the fanon, think of this as some kind of spoiler/teaser.

    Mom always spoke of how she had always longed for a daughter, her own little girl who she could make up and coo over. No doubt she was delighted when I ca…

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  • Nethrolithica

    It's a bit of a mystery at this point. M.Night hasn't actually confirmed yet who the lucky actress is yet. There has been many suggestion by fans as to who will play the feisty role, particularly those who don't wish for him to make a casting mistake as he did before (In their opinions, and possibly mine.)


    I personally found Toph a hard one to cast. A friend suggested young Kylie Goldstein to me as a possible young Toph candidate. what do you think? Goldstein isn't actually a actress an the moment, but apparently desperate for the role (who wouldn't be?)

    However, some think Kylie looks a little too childish and girly to pull off tomboy Toph's character. Nevertheless, I would wish her good luck with that one. but knowing M.Night, he seems t…

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