I don't have much of an introduction this time. Here's the previous part.

Date: 12/15/14

Venue: Dining Room

Time: ~1:42 PM to ~3:00 PM

Finished replaying Stage 4, started Stage 6

The game started off at the start of the Naga Running Stage that I was forced to quit last time. I didn't have trouble with the Airbending glitch this time, but I also tried to avoid the situation that triggered it the last time. It helped me gain Spirit Energy, but caused me to ram into a bunch of crap. I'm still not sure bout it. The glitch didn't affect my items, though.

Anyway, once I'd cleared Stage 4, I proceeded to Stage 6, the Spirit World. Here I just kind of randomly gained Spiritbending back, though I'm not sure why I needed it before, because in normal gameplay, you can defeat Dark Spirits without it. It basically just gives you extra rewards. Oh, but if you ignore them too long, they'll partially revive. As with any finisher, nearby enemies can get caught in it, meaning there's a chance you can purify Dark Spirits without stunning them. Uh, because I haven't mentioned finishers before, sometimes enemies become stunned, allowing you to finish them off & do damage to surrounding foes with special moves.

I also took this time to try to delve deeper into the combo system. I'm having difficulty figuring out how to trigger the Air Scooter, let alone what to use it for. I did figure out how to use the Water Whip & the ice shots on demand, which was VERY useful, particularly because this stage introduced long-range treasure chests. I also found out that you can aim some of the moves by tilting the analog stick while attacking. Something I really don't like in videogames is having to memorize a bunch of combos.

I decided to quit after losing a boss fight because I was getting bored, & for some reason, the game decided to put back all of the treasure chests & spirit energy. I'm not sure whether or not I have the stuff I earned the first time around, or if it took it all away & put it back. If you're curious about why I'm having trouble with this boss, you've got 2 enemies in a cramped space with environmental hazards & I still haven't really figured out how to fight Dark Spirit Bosses. Just seeing what's going on is a chore. I was also out of healing items by that point, but have of course restocked.

There's still not much to say about the plot. They've teased the villain a few more times, but not revealed much about his motives. I find the Spirit World relatively interesting so far, but I doubt I'll see much besides the Tree of Time. I like the fighting styles of the Dark Spirits (think Heartless from Kingdom Hearts) & it introduced these poison pool things that can pop up out of nowhere. I wouldn't exactly say that these are innovations that change the face of gaming, though.

Summary: Very little to report, except for the mechanics of Spiritbending, a few miscellaneous gameplay elements, the results of my run-in with the Naga Running Airbender Glitch, & some questions on what will happen to my items when I finish this Stage.

Next Time: Continuing with this stage & deciding what to do from there. I'm also debating whether or not to get the auto-counter talisman, because of how annoying the boss at the end(?) of the Stage is.

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