The battery in my mouse died & it took a long time for me to get another, leaving me unable to study or do most entertainment. Fortunately, I could get the mouse working long enough to activate the game. But before you read about that, I should note that last time was my "rating" of the game as a whole.

Date: 12/9/14

Venue: Dining Room

Time: ~5:15 PM to ~7:11 PM

Replayed Chapter 2 & most of Chapter 4

As I said, my plan was to farm & grind, so I used the talismans to raise Spirit Energy & EXP. I did eventually have to switch out of them when I reached the tougher enemies, though. I spent most of my time experimenting with Bending Styles, but there isn't much interesting to report. The "Tarrlok Style" Waterbending attack is good, but not great. The biggest thing is that you can suspend yourself in the air after a jump with Airbending. This made that godawful platforming segment in Stage 4 MUCH easier. Also, for some reason, Airbending's "jab" attack can only fire in a straight line. I say again, "Targeting system."

Of course, I also got to try Airbending in the Naga Runner. It's this weird sort of hybrid of a speed boost & a floating ability. So far, it's done me more harm than good, including triggering a glitch that required me to exit the level. I don't see the point of a Summary this time, since this was so short. It also totally slipped my mind to say, but it seems like you can use at least 2 elements to take down Mecha Tanks, but only certain Mecha Tanks seem to give the option.

Next Time: Unless I already lost them due to the glitch, I believe I have to finish the Stage to keep my items. I got some rare ones this time, so that's what I'm going to do. After that, I may keep farming & grinding, but that's kind of boring & my Bending is already pretty high level, so I'll probably just go to the Spirit World instead. I'll also probably try the Air Scooter & a few other moves.

Miscellaneous: So I'm noticing that the Treasure Chests don't really make sense from a continuity standpoint. Korra says that the "Old Guy" must not want her to get what's inside, but their only function is to give you a Spirit Energy bonus. Whatever.

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