As you can see, I have a lot of time to kill, due to being on break, & I want to make up for taking nearly a month to get this thing off of the ground. Also, whatever its faults, the game IS pretty fun.

Part 3

Date: 11/26/14

Venue: Dining Room

Time: ~3:05 AM to 4:35 AM

Continuing Stage 4 & revisiting Naga Runner

So the first thing I noticed was another thing that made the platforming irritating: Falling takes away a large chunk of your health. I guess it's better than just killing you, but considering there are enemies to contend with & they have unblockable attacks...oh well, fortunately, I was able to get the chest I wanted & continue quickly.

Soon afterwards, I encountered recolored versions of the Triple Threats. Come on, that's just lazy. I can understand the Chi Blockers, but these are named characters--Viper even uses one of his lines! Again, serious blow to the suspension of disbelief, unless all of the Triple Threats are twins...or maybe triplets?

Well, apparently, the new clothes & hair dye supercharged their Chi, because they were a lot stronger, & they were stronger than me to begin with. Figuring I might be stuck on this part for a while if I didn't get some better equipment, I decided to redo some earlier stages, at which point I was told that doing so would erase my checkpoint data. I'm not 100% sure what I'd lose if I did that, but I'm pretty sure I don't want to.

Fortunately, this doesn't count for the Naga Runner, which is a fun way to earn extra Spirit Energy. I'm not sure if I want to repeat it until I get to 120,000 for my regeneration crest, though. I'm at about 87,000 now, & it looks like I can reliably earn somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000-4000 each time. More if I get better. Also, I can't just backtrack through Stage 4, due to arbitrary invisible walls. I don't know why some parts of the stages are open & others lock you out after you clear them.

Summary: Lazy enemy design, difficulty spikes, & arbitrary limits to grinding & world exploration. This is also a good time to mention that I'm 4 levels in &, since the Triple Threats only have a couple lines, it's pretty much just Korra & the occasional exposition by Jinora, so people probably aren't exaggerating the lack of characters. Even Hundun I've seen all of 15 seconds of so far.

Next Time: I don't really have a lot of options. Basically either keep doin Naga Runner, keep trying to defeat the Triple Threats, or restart some stages. Since I'm stuck, you might be getting several updates on a single post.


Date: 11/30/14

Venue: Dining Room

Time: ~10:35 AM to 1:10 PM

Naga Runner/Grinding, cleared Stage 4

About half of this session was just me spamming the Naga Runner to FINALLY GET THE REGEN ITEM! Also, to hopefully prevent something like this from happening again, I got the item that boosts Spirit Energy, though I don't have it equipped right now, because it also halves health. I was able to do this thanks in most part to being able to consistently get Gold Medals. This seems to involve a combination of not dying once & earning a lot of Spirit Energy. If you're looking for tips, the best advice I have is to learn the course, because some routes give substantially more Spirit Energy than others, & you'll also need to know when to jump, slide, etc. Spending the maximum time collecting Spirit Energy without ramming into something or missing more energy is also important, but that is really down to muscle memory, & the timing will change as Naga picks up speed. It also helps me to turn corners a bit wider than I need to, so I have more reaction time. I'll also use this time to note that water gives you a shield, earth gives you a double-jump, & though I don't have them yet (the minigame gives you tips when you die) air & fire allow you to glide & destroy obstacles, respectively. Anyway, with talisman in hand, I was finally able to beat the recolored Triple Threats & clear the stage, which ironically ended in another Naga Running Course, followed by a boss fight.

Summary: Some tips on the Naga Runner, finally got some much-needed accessories & defeated the Bizzaro Threats, & now Korra is off to hopefully get some plot answers.

Next Time: I'm torn between continuing with the main story or revisiting old areas to make sure my items & Spirit Energy are up to snuff.

Miscellaneous: Things got a little weird today. I was finally able to use Chi Blocker Korra in a stage, who spontaneously gained a mask when she faced off against the boss. Maybe the costumes change slightly for certain events? I don't know, but even weirder, my Waterbending leveled up to 5, then dropped back down to 4 when I got to the boss. Also, looking through the items, it looks like the Air Scooter & the Breath of Fire eventually become available!


Date: 12/6/14

Venue: Bedroom

Time: ~8:00 PM-9:27 PM

Replayed Stages 2 and 3

I had some free time during dinner, so I decided to go back through a few stages to get things I missed & level up my Earthbending. This is how I discovered that cutscenes can replayed, but also skipped, which I guess are both good things. I also noticed a certain something on the villain's hat. Don't know whether or not that will play into anything. I managed to break a waterbending barrier, albeit a different one than the one I had trouble with, & still with difficulty. Also, my Waterbending is Level 6 & it looks like it's staying that way this time. But because I have poor memory & forgot that there's nothing wortwhile in Stage 3, I repeated that one too, but at least it gave me enough Spirit Energy to get a Waterbending upgrade that'll let me attack while dodging. Finally, for a change of pace, I decided to play as Spirit Korra.

Summary: Not the most exciting update in the world, hence why I didn't give it its own section. Basically I was just farming & grinding in some earlier stages. Oh, also, I'm now borrowing an X Box control, & seem to have adjusted to it with minimal difficulty. And it IS nice to have the buttons match the in-game directions.

Next Time: I may be doing some more replaying, but then again, I ran into a few things I need Firebending for, plus farming/grinding are kind of boring, so maybe I'll just press on with the newest stage. Either way, we'll get to see how my new Waterbending move works.

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