Feel free to check out my previous installments, including the end game modes

Miscellaneous: To my great surprise, you CAN be Chi Blocked in this game. I don't know why this has never occurred to me before despite hours of gameplay. It blocks a single element at a time & lasts for a few seconds. Another thing I wasn't aware of is that you can trigger the Avatar State without the item. The circle in the middle of the element cycle is actually a gauge that you charge by defeating enemies. On a control, you use R1 & L1 simultaneously to activate it. I assume this only works after you gain the power in story mode.

Date: 12/31/14

Venue: Dining Room

Time: ~5:30 AM to ~6:00 AM; ~9:00 AM to ~9:58 AM; ~11:30 AM to ~11:58 AM

Extreme Chapters 5 & 8

Like I said, I'm not going to do all of the Extreme stages because it's just a hodgepodge of challenges from various chapters that the game wants to throw at you, & this is mainly going to be a few loose ends, so without further preamble:

The Counter Dodge talisman you get from Probending is okay, but hardly necessary & doesn't necessarily make the game easier. I couldn't discern any difference with the Speed Boost Talisman. Shadow Fist gives you more hits by essentially creating an after-image of you & your attacks, but interestingly, they don't count towards your combo. Since the after-images also occur while you're moving, I just found it distracting, though it's arguably worth it to equip it just for tough fights.

As predicted, the Avatar State is a consumable item, obscenely powerful, but only lasting a few minutes at most. Interestingly, you cannot block in the Avatar State. And you do indeed need to clear the entire Story Mode on Extreme to get Korra's last costume, not just Hundun.

Also, in Naga Running, using Airbending apparently makes your other Bending Gauges recharge faster.

I messed around with some other gameplay moves, but I don't think anything is interesting to report. If you have a question about some random detail, I like getting comments here, but my Message Wall is probably the safer bet.

Final Summary

When I first heard about this game's development, I was really excited. I'm not a Platinum fan, but I definitely understood the significance of a major company picking up a tie-in game. The combat seemed solid, it was being written by episode writer Tim Hedrick (Siege of the North, Lake Laogai, Puppetmaster, etc.) with consultations by Mike & Bryan--it sounded like it couldn't possibly fail & was going to be the first step in shutting people up about how "tie-in games always suck."

What actually happened was that it was getting terrible ratings from critics, but pretty good ratings from fans, which made me even more intrigued to find out what this game was like.

I found myself quickly having fun with the combat system & never really got bored with it. There are a few missed opportunities, like the lack of walls with Earthbending, but from a gameplay standpoint, it seemed like it really captured the idea of the Bending Styles, not just as having their own strengths & weaknesses, but how Korra, specifically, would use them. To break things up, it also featured counters (QTEs) & the Spirit Shop (RPG elements). I know those are controversial things among gamers, I personally enjoyed having to put a little thought into my button-mashing.

There was also a minigame, Naga Running, which I liked early on, and still do, but was mentioned less as time went on, because it being the ONLY minigame until the main game was cleared, it got a little dull. The game DOES have kind of a messed up idea of what rewards are appropriate for what time, mostly in how long it takes to learn the elements in a game about a FULLY REALIZED AVATAR.

Halfway through, I gave a verdict: The game fell far short of my expectations & I've seen better tie-in games, but if you can wait for the price to go down a bit, you should play it, but that you might want to avoid it if you have an abject hatred of grinding or linearity, or really just want to interact with as many characters as possible.

I could tell that the designers really wanted to capture the spirit of the show, not just in the combat, but also the environments, Easter Eggs, & scenes. Unfortunately, the story fell flat in a baffling way. The characters besides Korra were restricted to mostly cameos, even the Big Bad Hundun appearing sparsely until the final chapter, in which we hear tidbits of what I think is an intriguing backstory, but one that's never really explored.

Clearing the game unlocked Pro-Bending, which really should have been available alongside the main game. Anyway, being a modification of the combat system, Pro-Bending is well designed, but unlike the rest of the game, the difficulty felt inconsistent, & like there wasn't anything to learn from it, just an increasing reliance on luck.

Clearing the game also unlocked Extreme Mode, & the ability to switch between difficulty levels. I've never been one for "extra hard" modes & I was able to knock most of this out in a few hours, so make of that what you will.

By now, I've seen nearly all of the content the game has to offer. I don't regret it, but I don't see myself going back to it very often. So I guess I'm standing by my verdict. If anything, the game feels not bad, but incomplete. I'd love the idea of a sequel or even DLC with an expanded story & that gives us Korra's metalbending, glider, & other stuff, but that's probably a pipe dream.

I'm not really interested in the DS game. I'd like to know if it contains any more backstory, but there's next to no information on it & I didn't like the sound of it anyway. Not exactly incentive to scour the world to find it & slog through the whole thing.

If you read any part of this series, thank you, good luck, & have fun, whatever you decide to do. A special thank you to those who read all of my rambling.

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