With everyone saying that there have been too many waterbending villains, I've been wondering what kind of villain we should see in the next Book, & have come to an uncomfortable conclusion:

I'm getting kind of sick of Bending.

It feels like we've seen just about all that there is to see. Despite all of the waterbending antagonists in "Legend of Korra," the only new waterbending moves we've seen are the bending severing, which hardly counts, & the spirit purification/destruction, which is situational.

So a lot of people have said that an Earthbending villain would be refreshing. But again, would they do anything that we haven't seen before? Even Metalbending is basically just the same techniques as earthbending, just with metal. Though perhaps this does have some potential. People have brought up the possibilities of petrification & bonebending, & I've also thought of a form of lightning redirection involving the alignment of the iron in a metalbender's armor. Still, I have to wonder if even those things would simply be rehashing old ideas with a different aesthetic.

Firebending likewise hasn't done much that's new, despite being featured very prominently throughout Books 1 & 2. Although it has had a few notable scenes.

There has supposedly been promise of a new Airbending substyle, so that may be refreshing.

Simply put, after 5 books of the same techniques, I'm not really sure that Bending has any more evolution to do. I'm beginning to doubt that they can deliver anything new & exciting with the elements, at this point. Maybe that's why they felt the need to invoke high fantasy magic concepts like the Dark Avatar & the Cosmic Energy Giant in the Book 2 finale--they simply have nowhere to go without introducing new stuff. This is most disappointing, especially considering how much technology has progressed & continues to progress. Is anyone else feeling like this?

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