Last night, Mike put up Part 2 of his post on the writing process for "Legend of Korra," specifically the episode "Beginnings," & once again, he's dropped a lot of plotty tidbits in the comments.

  • Yakone's Chi was blocked, which obviously doesn't affect whether or not children will inherit Bending. I also asked more directly if what the Lion Turtles did was different, so I'll let you know if there's any updates on that front.
  • Elaborating on how reincarnation works, Mike cites Buddhism & quotes Wikipedia: “At the death of one personality, a new one comes into being, much as the flame of a dying candle can serve to light the flame of another. The consciousness in the new person is neither identical to nor entirely different from that in the deceased but the two form a causal continuum or stream.” He further states that the personalities are linked, but that each Avatar has their own.
  • The appearance of the Avatar in the Spirit World depends on the story being told. No, they do not live in the Spirit World.
  • Act 2 is "notoriously tricky" to write.
  • They've never scrapped a story at the Outline stage, so "in that sense, the Premise is locked in."
  • The mythology was still "being evolved" while writing the episodes, which would "explain any discrepancies."
  • "Our idea was that every 10,000 years one or the other does win the battle, which is why Raava knows what happens to the loser."
  • "We usually worked on premises in 3 or 4 episode chunks so we probably had up to episode 8 in premise form, with ideas for the second half of the season."

Read it here:

My blog for Part 1 (Writing The Premise):

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