So, I've had this lingering thought for a while, which I thought I'd try to get some opinions on.

Remember when everyone's parents were getting knocked off by Firebenders, & we had all of those Batman jokes? Mako is Batman. Asami is Batman. Amon is Batman.

Well, that last one is actually kind of interesting. What if Amon is a deconstruction of Batman?


Batman is sometimes called "the world's greatest detective." He's as powerful a fighter as he is a thinker. He is almost always ahead of the schemes of his enemies, & what the police know. Sound like someone else we know?


Any time you see Batman, what is emphasized is that he uses cutting edge equipment. The Batmobile, the utility belt...this was also one of Amon's defining characteristics. He always had Hiroshi inventing new, evil machines that kept him ahead of Republic City's law enforcement.

It isn't that they have modern equipment. The police have modern equipment. Batman & Amon use things that are even more advanced than their contemporaries. They even fight similarly, using non-lethal weapons designed to bind their enemies' movement.


Some would argue that "Bruce Wayne's superpower is money." That is how he gains his high tech armaments. In Amon's case, he doesn't have the money, Hiroshi Sato does. But Hiroshi Sato is in his pocket, so is it really any different?


Arguably, what receives the most attention about Batman is his mask. It scares his enemies. It protects his loved ones. It keeps his identity a secret. It makes him a symbol that can't be destroyed.

Somewhat amazingly, all of these Mask Tropes appear in Legend of Korra. The first thing Bolin says about Amon is that his mask is terrifying. And, clearly, it keeps his identity a secret. The writers alluded to the fact that killing Amon wouldn't stop him, since he would be used as a symbol. And, towards the end, we learn that Amon's secret identity allowed him to give his brother, Tarrlok, preferential treatment.

Often, Batman's Rogues try to unmask him, as though that will undo all of the mystique around him, & destroy him. This is what ultimately happens to Amon.


This is the one that really got me thinking about this. Batman is trying to eliminate crime from Gotham. Amon is trying to remove what he thinks is the source of all of the world's evils, Bending, from Republic City. Additionally, right up until the final episodes, Amon made sure to attack Benders who abused their abilities. The Triads, the Wolfbats, a corrupt councilman...he often used the "fighting evil" rhetoric in his speeches.

Lone Man

While it is true that Batman isn't always entirely alone, if he has help, it is always a few sidekicks that he is reluctant about taking on. This is the only Batman Characteristic I can think of that Amon clearly does not have. Obviously, he has his army of chi-blocking Equalists.

Tragic Backstory

"That's the saddest story I've ever heard." Amon's fake background is very similar to Bruce Wayne's "real" one. But Amon's "real" tragic backstory also mimics Bruce Wayne's fairly well. Someone comes along & ruins their normal childhood, either Yakone or a guy with a gun. Now orphaned, the young radical decides to create a persona to fight against the abstract evil that harmed them, crime or Bending. They travel the world, & come to view themselves as defenders of a city, Republic City or Gotham.


Obviously, the details won't match up perfectly. That would be less parody & more plagiarism. But it could just be a coincidence. How many supervillains fit these themes? Then again, how often do supervillains compare themselves to their superheroic enemies?

So, how do you answer the questions that I have posed to you?

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