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    So occasionally someone will get up my butt asking for my take on the "Korrasami Evidence," & I'm usually too lazy to answer, but I think this video does a decent job. By that, I mean I think it sticks to the best points, & is relatively comprehensive. I wouldn't sign off on all of it--especially not the music--but it does go a long way towards answering the question.

    I'm sure people will still try to explain away this list, as if going out of one's way to find an alternate explanation actually proves anything, especially now that we know that the writers were indeed dropping hints.... Oh well, at least now nobody can say that I haven't given an answer.



    1. Eh. Not a great point.

    2. …

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  • Neo Bahamut

    Feel free to check out my previous installments, including the end game modes

    Miscellaneous: To my great surprise, you CAN be Chi Blocked in this game. I don't know why this has never occurred to me before despite hours of gameplay. It blocks a single element at a time & lasts for a few seconds. Another thing I wasn't aware of is that you can trigger the Avatar State without the item. The circle in the middle of the element cycle is actually a gauge that you charge by defeating enemies. On a control, you use R1 & L1 simultaneously to activate it. I assume this only works after you gain the power in story mode.

    Date: 12/31/14

    Venue: Dining Room

    Time: ~5:30 AM to ~6:00 AM; ~9:00 AM to ~9:58 AM; ~11:30 AM to ~11:58 AM

    Extreme Chapters 5 & 8

    Like I s…

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  • Neo Bahamut

    As mentioned last time, I was thinking of playing Extreme Mode, which I have now done. It's basically a variant of New Game + where you can play any stage at any time. You can also switch between difficulty modes. It gives it some replay value, but not much.

    Date: 12/26/14

    Venue: Dining Room

    Time: ~8:45 AM to ~10:40 AM

    Extreme Chapters: 8, 2, 3; Probending Mode: Captain

    I decided to start by seeing whether or not unlocking Korra's coat only required defeating Hundun on Extreme as opposed to all stages. I swiftly decided that it wasn't worth even that, at least not at this time. Chapter 2 was a lot less annoying on Extreme, initially not seeming much different, but eventually throwing a few Triads & even some things from the final levels at me. C…

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  • Neo Bahamut

    Humorously enough, it turns out I had an accessory on that boosted my EXP but halved my health. Without it, I defeated the bosses easily, albeit tediously. Afterwards I encountered the Big Bad.

    Date: 12/16/14

    Venue: Bedroom

    Time: ~3:24 AM to ~4:24 AM

    Finished Chapters 6 & 7

    The intro describes all that I had left to do in Stage 6. In Stage 7, Hundun (the Big Bad) described a little bit about himself & sent me into a series of illusions, which fluctuated between cliche, tedious, awesome, & surprisingly humorous. I don't even know how to describe this part. They took advantage of this "illusion" thing to make some of the strangest stuff happen.

    After sort of a hackneyed speech from Jinora, I was allowed to finish the stage in the Avatar State, whi…

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  • Neo Bahamut

    I don't have much of an introduction this time. Here's the previous part.

    Date: 12/15/14

    Venue: Dining Room

    Time: ~1:42 PM to ~3:00 PM

    Finished replaying Stage 4, started Stage 6

    The game started off at the start of the Naga Running Stage that I was forced to quit last time. I didn't have trouble with the Airbending glitch this time, but I also tried to avoid the situation that triggered it the last time. It helped me gain Spirit Energy, but caused me to ram into a bunch of crap. I'm still not sure bout it. The glitch didn't affect my items, though.

    Anyway, once I'd cleared Stage 4, I proceeded to Stage 6, the Spirit World. Here I just kind of randomly gained Spiritbending back, though I'm not sure why I needed it before, because in normal gamepla…

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