Ever since Korra Nation has come out, a few users (anonymous or registered) have been spamming links about it. This is the only way I could think to spread the message so that everyone could see this. Spamming is against policy. Please stop. How many user do we have on his site? How many anonymous users come on every day? If every user decided to start posting links to it, our pages would be hopelessy flooded with comments. If you want to earn points or whatever it is you earn, add a link to your profile or something. But please stop putting it in comments. By now most users know abut Korra Nation, and if they haven't by now a blog has been made about it. There's no reason to post links about it in comments, that have nothing to do with the article they are on.

Notice: I hope this isn't against blog policy. It would take a while to notify each user doing this to stop, an it wouldn't fit in a forum since its not a proposed change. I think this is okay because it applies to Avatar Wiki.

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