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  • I live in Chesapeake, Virginia
  • I was born on January 4
  • My occupation is Student, Up and coming softball player, Junior ROTC (more things are listed below)
  • I am An Epic Female
  • Navybratz45

    Ok I know basically everyone likes to ship random characters from ATLA and LOK, but the shipping is getting WAY out of hand. And when I mean that, I mean this: People are pairing up Naga and Pabu. Then it's something like Nabu .< No reason, AT ALL!

    It just really gets on my nerves sometimes. I'm not saying this to the other people who ship, but their shipping ACTUALLY makes sense. Like Makorra or Kataang. It makes sense because those people characters are already together. That is my first topic, get ready for the next one.

    Next thing that is on my mind is the fact that people will create an account on and the first thing they put on comments or their profile page is: " I'm not really a big fan of ATLA or LOK. I hate Katara." T…

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