So, we're all talking about Amon being Sokka or Bumi or Ozai or Jet, and Tozu being a waterbender or earthbender or firebender who was lifting the weight using invisible fire or airbender who was lifting it using the same technique which is used to fly a glider. However, have you ever thought of what you want to see in the remaining twenty-four episodes? There were, of course, a lot of things that weren't properly explained in the original series, and I have some things I want to be answered.

The ultimate fate of Zei and what happened to Wan Shi Tong's Library; was the former able to come back to the mortal world and was the latter brought back to the mortal world? Wan Shi Tong's Library was pulled into the Spirit World after the ancient spirit had enough of humans using the information for war. However, with Aang here, don't you think Wan Shi Tong was convinced into bringing the library back here? Personally, I was hoping and semi-convinced that the library will be used by Aang by going to the Spirit World after the invasion's defeat. As much as I like the Lion turtle, I just don't want him to go teaching Korra energybending just like Aang; it's just too cliche. When I was mulling over it, I thought about Korra learning about the library from her predecessor, who leads her to the library. Then we could also probably learn about Zei's fate. Althought it was told in the largely non-canonical Avatar Extras that he stayed in the Spirit World, but "you know, it was really unclear".
How was Aang able to find a new herd of sky bisons when they were, considering Zei's excitement on seeing Appa and Long Feng's statement, extinct, with Appa being the last one? I've been baffled with this ever since I knew about this. Appa was confirmed to be the last flying bison alive, thus making the species extinct. This can be confirmed with Zei's excitement on seeing Appa, since he will not he interested if the species was still possibly alive, as shown with the professor's expression on seeing Momo. How can Aang find a herd of bisons out of thin air? My guess, which somewhat makes sense, is that the Mechanist somehow managed to find some flying bisons near to the Northern Air Temple. Other than this, I can't come up with another idea.
What about Pathik? Will be still be alive in 170 AG or did he die? Pathik, personally, I really liked him. I don't know, but his character was very likable to me, for reasons unknown, and left me thinking about his legacy. Since he was the Air Nomad's spiritual guide, Aang might have definitely come back to meet him and drink some onion banana juice. I first thought of him being alive and kicking, but then that would be quite boring. I have yet to come up with a good idea for him, but I do have an idea about him passing on all his knowledge to another person who can continue his work. I am waiting for Pathik, Bryke.
What about Order of the White Lotus? From the premiere of Legend of Korra, it is known that the Order have become a public organisation rather than the mysteria organisation as they were in the original series. I always like secretive and stealthy establishments, so I was again left wondering about the reasons it became a public organisations. My brain is with no ideas or theories for this one, so I really want to know the reasons for this.
Are the Satos the Morishita family's descendants? From the looks of it, including the fact that the Sato family is from the Fire Nation, would they be the descendants of the Morishita family? Perhaps Hiroshi Sato is Kori's son. And then, that would also make them quite an influencial family considering of their ancestor was the mayor of Yu Dao; it would also most likely give them a good relationship with the Fire Nation, but this is somewhat doubtful. I have many doubts about this theory, and I don't really think this has much changes of becoming true.
How much has the world's opinion about the Fire Nation changed after the war was ended? I think this is the thing I want to see the most. Throughout the original series, many people had a deep hatred for the Fire Nation, like Lee or Jet. However, after the war had ended, do you think people still had this deep hatred? Some people hold grudges for a long time, and some are ready to forgive, and I think it'd be a great thing to be shown in Legend of Korra.

Apart from this, I really want to see the Northern Water Tribe, the Kyoshi Warriors, and how much Fire Nation has changed since the war. So, thoughts?

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