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Many of you must know the best wiki poll for 2011, and some of you might know the conflicts and problems surrounding it. First of all, I'd like to link Lostris' comment here.

While the poll wasn't meant to be official, many users considered it to be official, and users have even been cussing and swearing. I don't understand why they do this. Users have been accusing wikis of using sockpuppets for getting more votes, and this is "getting really out of hand". Even if they do insult us, why do we need to respond to their comments, and ingite the fire, further?

Right from when the competition started, users have taken it very seriously, and have bashed and "fought" over it. This is a simple competition, and it is not even official. Why in the world do we need to keep worrying about Avatar Wiki's rank? There are many other good wikis, and why do we keep saying that "This wiki is better than the other," when all wikis are as important as the other?

48px-3390396.png Relationship

The recent interview of Gene Yang has done nothing, nothing but totally hyping me up! Initially, I was very excited for the graphic novel series, but now, after being revealed some information about it, I'm even more excited!

Now about the relationship, or as it's commonly called, "Shipping". The thing I've been wondering the most about the series are the developments of the relationships of the character, and also whether Toph will get a love interest. We know Aang and Katara's relationship will definitely develop, as they have a child in the sequel or the spin-off series, but we don't have any confirmation about Zuko and Mai's relationship. They latter's relationship hasn't been expanded upon much, and I am curious about it, very curious in fact.

Now about Toph's possible love interest. Users support different "pairings" for Toph, the most populer being "Tokka" (Sokka and her), "The Doph" (The Duke and her), and some more I fail to remember at this instant. The former is "50-50" to happen, considering Suki and Sokka's relationship. The latter can happen, but you have to keep in mind that The Duke is eight years old, and I doubt a child of that young age needs a girlfriend. What are your opinions about this? And please, don't be uncivil if you do not support the relationships I mentioned above.

After Gene Yang revealed that the entire of the three installments occur within a one week time, I even more excited as to how it will be managed!

48px-3511228.png Demotivated

Previously on Avatar: No demotes have magically appeared in the past two weeks. How tragic. Aang and Katara kissed. Zuko and Song shipped. Iroh hit on Song. The fandumb went insane.

And yes, demotes are back. No, you’re not seeing things. Yes, I am a bit rusty. No, it won’t be depressing. Yes, I’m eating cold spinach puffs. How’d you know?

And why yes, Monkeyfeathers is back with a vengeance. Good for some. For others? Not so much. Best part? He’s agreed to stop cursing. Awesome.

Figure 1

We begin our adventure here, in the sewers of ItalyOmashu, aka Oh no according to Sokka, where the interesting . . . er . . . adventure will begin. Naturally, Aang and co. decide to head up a sewer instead of going inside like normal people, which is understandable, considering they’d be skewered on a stick. Unfortunately for them, how did they would that they would arrive at a comfortable location?

Aang: “All right, I think that’s the end.” [opens manhole] “Hellooooo, world.” [stares at the multitude of Fire Nation soldiers marching in the street now staring back at him] [slowly replaces cover] “You didn’t see anything . . .”

Otter penguins from certain islands off of the coasts of certain continents that look like certain dolphins aside, the Gaang could’ve gone The Thief and the Cobbler route: Sokka would have been quite pleased; Aang and Katara not so much.

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48px-3565124.png Review: LWFAW

Hello, this is BlackMonkey, signing in to review Love Will Find A Way by AlaskaBender.

When Earth King Maroph reigned over his glorious nation. He had two sons, his heir, Prince Long, and Prince Moku. During an annual feast celebrating the strong alliance with the Water Tribes, Moku becomes infatuated with Chief Rakara's daughter, Kyla. After discovering the Kyla feels the same way about him, Moku quickly follows Water Tribe custom and carves a betrothal necklace, a symbol of their love. Moku and Kyla are ecstatic about their newly found bond, while King Maroph and Chief Rakara celebrate a possible new tie between their nations. Everything was perfect...until the unthinkable happened. This is the tale of how one man will give up all of his glory, his whole life, to find the woman he is destined to be with. This is the tale of Moku and Kyla.
Wowzers. A very good fanon, especially for a new author like AlaskaBender, combining all the elements of romannce, adventure, and action, all at their highest form in the Avatar universe. There are the old secret conspiracies and quests that help every story and the new plot twists and characters that will blow your mind. And it's all entwined into good writing - a legend in the making.

  • Story - 9.3: Very good. A creative, well thought out story of love.
  • Action - 8.9: Sometimes quick but very well written.
  • Writing - 9.4: I did not expect this quality from AlaskaBender.
  • Creativity - 9.4: There's not a romance story like this out there - not one that's got enough adventure and action to be legendary. This story is unique
  • Believability - 9.1: - Some answers are gotten too easily, but for the most part it was very believable. Nothing really felt unrealistic.
  • Character Development - 9.5: Moku is set on getting back Kyla, fighting for answers, developing on the way. Kyla is growing up and learning in prison, along with Peo. Those are only the major ones.

General Iroh
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48px-2247564.png A Christmas Message

Well, here we are. After four months and almost 30 reviews by our members, the Fanon Review Squad has reached the end of our 2011 season. 2011 has been a turbulent and exciting year, bringing with it numerous Korra tidbits, the unveiling of the Promise Trilogy, and an enormous growth in our great community.

Though I'm definately excited for a break from reviewing, there are still two duties left for me. First, my "Final Four" review will be posted on the fanon portal on Sunday, December 18. These four stories are my last reviews for the year. Second, I have one special review for this issue, the last before Christmas. It involves a story called Child of Destiny.

Child of Destiny is a fanfiction story depicting the future of the world ten years after the end of Sozin's War. The story revolves around Aang's search for Diyi, the first Airbending child to be born in over one hundred years, who has been kidnapped by an unknown party. It also chronicles Zuko's struggles against the Cult of Sozin, a group of Fire Nation rebels who still eagerly pursue the goal of Fire Nation supremacy and are led by Admiral Zhao, who was believed to be dead.

Now, normally I would give a review of the story; I've considered it several times. However, in light of recent events and also the time of year, I would only suggest for you to read it. Child of Destiny is a truly amazing story. Child of Destiny has always been my personal favorite on the wiki. The author, a person known as MightyBrit, was one of my favorite users. As some of you may or may not know, Brit was involved in a car crash some time ago, and his injuries led to his current state of lying in a coma.

As the holidays approach and we face the new year, I ask you to keep MightyBrit in your thoughts and prayers this season. I, along with the community, hope for his recovery and return. He is truly amazing. And with that, I wish you all Happy Holidays and a good start to an amazing new year.

48px-3287055.png Fanon review
Moon Beam

I will be reviewing Avatar: The Legend of the Phoenix, by Saphira1001.

This story is about The World of Avatar, with a different twist. A Water Avatar, named Amalric, went mad with power. The Fire Sages wanted to create a temorary Avatar to stop Amalric. They wanted to gather all of the Sages from each nation to make this happen, but they either refused or could not. The Fire Sages then got a young Fire Nation girl, and performed the same ritual in which created the first Avatar, to give her the power to bend Fire and Air. This turned her hair white and her eyes a sky blue color. She mastered Fire and Air, and when she was ready, she faced Amalric and ended him. She eventually died, and the world was fine as the new Avatar was sane.

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